4 Tips for Used Motorcycle Buyers

Riding is a very enjoyable pastime for many people. However, getting started as a motorcyclist can require a substantial investment, not only for the bike itself but for all the necessary gear. One way to save while getting a top-quality bike is to look for a used motorcycle. In this guide, new riders can get some tips on buying a good used bike.

Set a Budget

Pricing for a used motorcycle can vary widely. When buying a first bike, a rider needs to consider the cost for safety items such as helmets and other protective gear. In addition to the cost of the motorcycle itself, the buyer must consider the cost of insurance, taxes, title and transfer fees.

Learn About Motorcycle Types

Before heading out on a shopping trip, the motorcycle enthusiast should learn about the various types of bikes. That way, they can easily identify which style suits their needs and they can narrow the focus of the shopping trip. Before buying, the rider must make a few important considerations, including the type of riding they plan to do. By learning about different styles of motorcycles, the rider can match his or her options to their lifestyle.

Inspect the Bike Carefully

When possible, it’s important to perform a hands-on inspection of a used motorcycle before buying. Bring some hand tools, a flashlight and a multimeter. Inspect the sprocket and drive chain for signs of excessive wear. It’s also important to inspect the bike’s tires, which should not show damage or uneven wear. Finally, take a look at the foot pegs, brake parts, exhaust pipes and handlebars for signs of damage from a previous accident. Other important things to check include the battery, fuel tank, voltage regulator, fairings and fluid levels.

Take a Test Ride

If the basic inspection reveals no significant flaws, test riding the bike is the next step in the purchase process. Shoppers should come ready with their own safety gear to use on the test ride. Before starting, the rider should know where all the controls are, including turn signals, brake levers and lights. After starting slowly in order to become familiar with the bike, the buyer should pay attention to the bike’s ergonomics and handling. Visit cleanharleys.com to learn more about the used bike buying process.

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