How to move your piano from one location to another

You have come across what you think is the perfect piano for you. You bought it and want to take it home. Alternatively, you are moving houses and you need to take your piano with you. What you will realize is that a piano is usually heavier that you would expect and this means that it is not easy to take it home. In fact you will need to seek the services of piano movers and tuners. But if you would like to do the piano moving yourself, here are a few tips that you need to bear in mind

Find the right piano moving supplies

With the right piano moving supplies, the whole process of moving your piano will become easier. You might require a furniture dolly, straps and a piano cover or blanket. You should wrap the blanket around the piano to prevent damage. The blanket will need to be secured with moving tapes and straps to prevent them from sliding and falling off as you do the move.

Even if the piano has wheels, it is always advisable to use the dolly. This is important as the piano wheels are not meant for moving the piano for long distances. This is because not only are the wheels delicate but do not stabilize the weight well like it is the case with a dolly.

Preparing the piano

Where necessary, you can start by removing the legs and moving them separately. This will prevent the legs from breaking or becoming damage during the move. The piano also becomes lighter and easier to maneuver. When you remove legs, take note of where you put them so that you can attach the legs after getting to your destination.

Move slowly and ensure that the piano remains in balance

The internal components that are responsible for holding the strings together are usually top-heavy and their legs are usually very delicate. In case you happen to throw the piano off balance, this could cause damage to the inner workings.  Once you understand the working of the piano as well as its balance, it is possible to prevent damage that may be cause injury to the movers as well as damage to the piano.

Ask for help

It always helps to have a team when moving your piano from one location to the other. You should have at least 4 people to help you with the moving. Two people should do the lifting while the other two should guide you even as they handle the equipment. Ensure that every person in the team understand what their specific tasks are and what they should do during the move. It can probably be helpful to have a way to communicate with one another during the moving process. This could be through vocal signs or even hand signals.

Wear proper attire for the job

You don’t want a situation where you will be wearing long clothes or jewelry that can be trapped by the equipment. It is advisable to wear clothes that are comfortable and will not get caught by the gear. In order to remain stable, be sure to wear shoes that have good soles as well as traction to help you move the piano down a ramp. It is also advisable to wear gloves to help you have a better grip.

Start by loading the piano

In case you are moving houses and there are other items that need to be moved, you will need to start by loading the piano. When you put the piano deeper inside a moving truck, it is possible to ensure that it remains safe. The piano should be strapped firmly on the tracks inside and boxes should be placed around the piano to provide it with support as the truck keeps driving along the bumpy and rocky road. In order to ensure that your piano reaches its destination in good condition, work with piano movers  and tuners.

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