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Basic Dog Grooming Tips You Should Know

For your dogs to feel and look at their best as well, it’ll require them physical maintenance. When it comes to the grooming needs of your pet, it will be dependent on their hair types and breeds. Let’s say that your dog suffers from ear, nail or skin issue, then it is crucial for owners to follow the suggestions given by their vet regarding grooming.

In the next lines you’ll be able to discover basic grooming tips for your dog.

Hair brushing – actually, most of the dogs enjoy having their coats brushed furthermore, doing hair brushing sessions with them can strengthen your bond while maintaining a healthy coat. Remember that your dog’s brushing needs will depend on the hair type and there is specific tools that should be used on such. Normally, long haired dogs require daily brushing to be able to prevent tangling and matting of hair, medium haired dogs can be prone to tangles and matting as well and therefore, has to be brushed at least twice a week while short haired dogs can actually go for a month or so without having their coat brushed.
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Nail trimming – this is one of the grooming services which many dogs as well as owners dislike. Many dogs don’t want their paws handled and their nails hurt if it’s cut too short. In the fear that they could have hurt their dogs, owners feel uncomfortable in doing it. Exercising caution is the best thing that could be done to trim the nails correctly and safely. You can know how to do it directly from your vet but if you are not unsure or confident enough to do so, it is best to leave it to the pros.
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Bathing – many dogs have to be bathed monthly. Bathing your dog in a tub is often the easiest place to do this but if you have smaller dogs, you can do it even in the sink. Using a handheld sprayer, soak your dog from head to toe using warm water. Avoid the inside of the ears and eyes as it may cause irritation to them. There are many dogs that have water resistant coat and for this, there might need to be a thorough soaking in order for the water to penetrate to the pet’s hair.

Ear care – ears of your dogs may be a haven for both yeast and bacteria especially if this is kept unclean while other dogs can even go on their entire lives without multiple cleanings or suffering from ear disease. Your vet is going to prescribe appropriate medications as well as special cleaners if there’s a foul odor emanating from their ears as this can be an early sign of ear problems.

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