Time to Party Like It’s 1985

With Halloween season already in full force at your local department store, you may be trying to decide what costume to wear this year. So many ideas are overused and tired, and it’s hard to avoid showing up with a twin at the office Halloween party. 80’s costumes are a great choice because they’re nostalgic and recognizable, but also unique and fun to wear! Plus, there’s dozens of options to choose from.

80’s Movie Costumes

No better place to draw inspiration for your 80’s look than the movies. The decade was something of a golden era for film, with so many fun, memorable movies, it’s an absolute cinch to find a good costume idea. You can pair up with a friend in orange and blue tuxes for a silly Dumb and Dumber reference. Or grab a few more buddies and some face paint, and dress up as the ultimate Kobra Kai posse from Karate Kid. The best part about choosing an 80’s movie is that many of them are still incredibly popular today! For instance, The Goonies and Back to the Future are both beloved movies that plenty of people continue to watch. Why not rock a Sloth mask? Or sport a red quilted vest and iridescent cap like Marty Mcfly? Star Wars is an excellent source for costume ideas as well, I guarantee that no one will misunderstand your Chewbacca or Princess Leia outfit. There are plenty of other great 80’s movies to choose from, including Teen Wolf, Wayne’s World, Animal House, Caddyshack, and Rocky.

80’s TV Show Costumes

The television programs of the 80’s are another great source of inspiration for this year’s Halloween costume. There are a ton of popular 
 from that era, and you can get the chance to feel like a kid again by dressing up like some of your favorite old school heroes, such as the Power Rangers or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (these costume ideas are especially great for groups). On the other hand you can go for a more comedic costume. Throw on a red wig and heels like Peggy Bundy from Married with Children, or go as Tom Selleck’s Magnum P.I. with a mustache and a Hawaiian shirt. Other great shows for inspiration are Dukes of Hazzard and Saved By The Bell.

80’s Nostalgia Costumes

If you don’t like any of the television or film ideas mentioned above, try making a costume in tribute to 80’s nostalgia. You can do a throwback with your friends by dressing up like a pack of old school Crayola crayons. Or you could wear some legwarmers, a vintage tee, and a headband to really get that retro vibe going. You could also wear a costume from some old video games, like Mario or Space Invaders.

With such a diverse and wild decade as your inspiration, the sky is really the limit. Remember to be creative, and that the best kind of costume is the one that YOU have fun wearing.


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